Frequently Asked Questions

When was your last perm? October 2006 was the last time I put a perm in my hair. I did it right before my birthday but at that time I was still using heat majorily.

When did you Big Chop? May 2010 is the day I decided to big chop and never look back.

When is the last time you used a flat iron? I haven't used a flat Iron since January 2010

Do you blow dry your hair? I use the tension method on low speed/low heat. I do not use a comb attachment or diffuser.

What is your hair type? If you're using the hair system I woud say 3B, 4A, 4C lol. It's a different texture everywhere.

What is your natural hair color? In some areas my hair is jet black and in others it's light brown and then dark brown. It's always been that since I was little.

What is your go to hair style? My LAZY hairstyle would definitely be a puff, however I love the longevity braid outs give me.

What is your favorite hair product? Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Masque *Shivers* ...
That stuff treats me RIGHT!

Why did you go natural? That LAST perm I got in 2006 tore the back of my hair UP. I've always had really long super thick hair so I've always used SUPER perms. Well I've always known that African Pride was CRAZY strong and would sometimes burn but to me that meant it was working. That last time I put that stuff into my hair it split my hair in the back straight across all the way to my nape. I cut my hair right underneath my ears and told myself I would NEVER perm my hair again.

Are you really a nail polish junkie? You know it! Ever since I was a little girl I use to collect nail polish no matter where I went. I cannot walk away from Hair Products, Nail Polish or Purses. I will fight you if you don't let me AT LEAST LOOK! :)

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