Who: Nichque (Pronounced Nikki)

What: I am the biggest researcher you'll ever meet

Where: New York Native (Go Knicks), DMV (DC/MD/VA) Resident

When: I started my Natural Hair Journey in 2010, Vegetarian Journey in 2009 and Vegan Journey in 2012 and still counting ... Psst. Don't worry I'm not the Crazy Vegan Chick 

Why: Anyone who knows me can you tell that I am never satisfied. I am always looking for ways to challenge myself and try new things on an everyday basis. I more than often find myself never fitting into a crowd and it is the thing I most admire about myself. 

This blog was solely created to document and share my journey with anyone interested in following. I enjoy the research and writing aspect and hopefully you will enjoy the reading and the photos! :)

This blog is created and edited by me so please do not duplicate or steal!


  1. I just subscribed to you YT channel and it looks like we have similar hair texture. Do you use the hair typing system and if so, what's curl type?

  2. I also wanted to know your hair type. I just did the BC and I'm trying to find ppl with similar hair types. My hair is thick and curly 4b maybe 4c.